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Tips for Projector care

For someone who has owned a home theatre projector for some time, replacing projector bulbs is an all-too-common phenomenon. However, a two thousand hour period will seem like a lifetime to some; rest assured that the projector lamp will need to be replaced before long. However, some general tips can help extend the life of a projection unit’s headlamp.

Projector care

Do not use your bare hands to touch the lamp.

One of the most common issues is people removing the bulbs with their bare hands. Although this is acceptable for a regular light bulb, it is not sufficient for a projector lamp. A projection unit’s lamp burns much hotter than a standard light bulb.


When you touch a projector light with your bare skin, you leave traces of oil on the lamp’s surface. While this may seem to be a minor detail, it harms the bulb and the efficiency of the resulting multimedia display. The oils will burn on the lamp, significantly reducing its lifetime. The oil diffuses the light being projected as it bakes through the surface, reducing the lumens being sent to the refractive surfaces. The light would be insufficient to project the picture that has come to be expected from a home theatre projection device. Although the issue might not be evident at first, over time, the quality may deteriorate to the point that it is no longer viewable.

After turning off the lamp, switching off the projector.

It is strongly advised to switch the projector’s power to “off” only after turning off the lamp and allowing it to cool. This will let the cooling fans do their intended job. Although rapid cooling and heating cause regular contractions and expansions of the bulb filament, cooling fans can do it more quickly. Similarly, turning on the projector and allowing the cooling fans to run for a few seconds before turning on the lamp would help projector care. This extends the bulb’s life and allows for more viewing time on the home theatre projection machine.


Constant Movements

Constantly bumping or moving the projector, especially when it is hot, can be highly damaging to the projector lamp. When heated during everyday use, the filament in the bulb loses almost all of its tensile strength. It’s similar to the filament in a camp lantern. When heated, the concept is the same; the filament essentially becomes almost the same consistency as ash, rendering it highly vulnerable to injury. Even after adequate cooling, the lamp filament is extremely sensitive. When turning the projector for some reason, extreme caution should be exercised. Although it is always a good idea to exercise caution when working with projector care electronic devices, certain aspects of the home projector are particularly delicate.

When cleaning the filters, it usually is necessary to move the projector. It’s always a good idea to move it slowly and carefully, without jerking it around or bumping it more than necessary. Taking a few extra moments to check the projector mount to ensure it is still tightly held in place may also be helpful, preventing slips and movement that could be dangerous.

The projector lamps would still need to be replaced, but not nearly as often, with a bit of projector care and preventative maintenance.