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Working from home on a borrowed laptop day after day and night after night is exhausting.



Especially if it’s borrowed back from you. As a result, I believe the time has come for me to get my computer. Do I want a laptop or a desktop? Which is better, a PC or an Apple Mac? Perhaps one of those tablet devices would look the part; after all, it would fit perfectly in my handbag.

I come full circle and end up back at the laptop after much thought and deliberation. But where do I begin? What are my specifications? Because my home based saree business is small, I don’t need anything top-of-the-line. Nonetheless! I’ll primarily use it for emailing and website maintenance. Oh, And maybe some shopping! And I’ll be the only one who uses it. Most likely!



So I go on the internet to see what devices other people are buying in Hyderabad. In addition, what manufacturers are selling. Suddenly, the English language has devolved into muted jargon. Do I truly understand what I need?

What kind of memory is required? My husband, who works as a programmer in Hitech city, insists on 8GB. In addition, there’s a requirement 2.0TB of storage! Whatever that all means! I’m not convinced! I’m afraid he has his motives for these specifications.

When Dell is mentioned, I go online to look around. After finding one within my budget that appeals to me and appears to check all of the boxes, I am suddenly greeted with a slew of extras, all of which work to increase the cost.

So I tighten the reins. Perhaps I don’t require my own laptop. Maybe my husband’s device will suffice in the end.
Neither a borrower nor a lender be – well, so much for Shakespeare – it seems to work for us.

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