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Useful tips for buying a used computer

It is important to carefully inspect a used computer before purchasing it because it can cause problems in the future. A hard drive may not display any visible signs of wear and tear, but it may be degrading. Similarly, as used computers can malfunction at any moment, the needle can unexpectedly slip and inflict scratches on the disk, potentially leading to memory loss. The faults that can occur may be identified if they are verified. Let us first look at the potential flaws that can arise when buying a used device.

Buying a used computer
Buying a used computer

Monitors need to be checked for any faults. The malfunctioning of a monitor is called a “dry joint”, which results in the monitor not working after getting warm. This can be checked only if the monitor is made to work for at least 20 to 30 minutes after switching on the computer.

Next is to look for any possibilities of the central processing unit getting frozen. Usually, all the central processing units have a fan and heat sink for keeping the unit cool. Over time, the fans may not work correctly due to the accumulation of dust and dirt, resulting in overheating the central processing unit and even stopping from functioning. While buying a used machine, the fan needs to be checked, and if any abnormal sound is heard, it is not suitable for purchase.

Hard disk failures can occur as a result of heavy wear and tear over time. A hard disk’s read and write heads are used to retrieve or recode data stored on the hard disk using a disk platter that rotates at high speed. The probability of disk loss or malfunction increases over time. Only a complete surface scan of the hard disks on the used machine will reveal faulty sectors. The scanning time is determined by the power and size of the computer’s hard disk. Many people avoid this procedure because it is time-consuming to search the entire disk and buy a used machine with a bad sector.



The used computer may have a higher possibility of getting crashed and frozen due to the operating system’s usage for a good number of years. There may be a cache or RAM fault due to overexposure leading to loss of data. To increase the computer’s performance and avoid crashing, the operating system of the used computer can be reinstalled with a new operating system or a fresh one.

While checking the used computers for any faults, it is good to disconnect the network connection if any present before performing the tests. Also, it is advisable to check the drives like the CD or DVD by opening and closing them and playing something on the drives to see how they work. Monitors of the used computers can be checked for resolution and brightness by trying different colour, settings, etc. To check the hard disk size, the CMOS setup can be gone through, and to verify the speed of the processor, cache and RAM, the pause button is pressed when it appears on the screen during the booting process. To check the booting process, the computer can be turned on and off a few times and seen how it responds. Checking should be done to see if all the passwords are erased before buying a used computer.

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