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Many business owners and managers are sceptical of installing a CCTV system on their property. Concerned about costs and benefits, they employ different security measures to protect their inventory and employees.

CCTV systems may be more beneficial than you believe. Here are three critical ways that CCTV can help safeguard your business.


Although they will not prevent every crime, visible CCTV systems can help to deter would-be criminals. It is significantly less hazardous to steal from a shop that does not have CCTV than from one that clearly describes its system on a window sign and has highly visible cameras. The installation of a camera at the building’s entry or exit and monitoring crucial locations such as retail sales floors or IT suites can be the difference between your business being targeted and the criminal fleeing.

Evidence and Interference

Depending on the system installed, CCTV can prevent a crime from occurring and provide authorities with valuable footage that can aid in the detention of a suspect. Monitored systems, in which images are sent from the camera to a real-time monitor, allow security personnel to view what is going on at all times on the premises. If they notice somebody acting suspiciously, they can notify workers on the ground, who may be able to avert a crime. On the other hand, recorded systems should provide essential information on the appearance and behaviour of any criminals, which can make a significant impact on a police investigation.


Peace of mind

The knowledge that a functioning CCTV system is in place provides peace of mind to everyone working in, shopping in, or visiting your business site. Not only does it show your employees that you care about their safety, but customers and visitors recognize it as a deterrent and feel safer than in a shop with no cameras at all. While not everyone enjoys CCTV cameras in public spaces, most people agree that such systems make them feel more at ease.

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